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2. SiteAnalyst
Help for each field in the system, explaining it's use and how the fields work in different areas.
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SiteAnalyst Help Index

2. SiteAnalyst

Action Strings
Write Action
Application Menu
Asset Menu
Add/Remove Data Points
Asset Cancel Changes
Asset Configuration
Asset Information
Accounting Reference Number
Asset Category
Asset Data Source TimeZone
Asset Name
Asset Naming
Asset Reference Number for Location
Asset Run Number
Asset Station Name or Number
Command Type
Communications Path
Descriptive Location of Asset
Direct Link - By Asset
Export Value for Asset
Data Point Mapping for Device/Asset
General Notes for Asset
IoTSet Group
Modbus Address / Slave ID
OPC Device Reference
OPC Server Reference
Pipeline Reference
Roll Up As Station
Route Reference
Snapshot Frequency
SoftTag Prefix
Sorting Value for Asset
Stream Reference
Type Associated With Asset
Window Type
Asset Notes
Asset Save Changes
Asset Tags
Copy Asset
Demand Poll
Event Settings
Asset Contract Hour
Bulk Email Address
Bulk Email Settings
Communications Critical Alarm
Create Snapshot On Alarm
Ignore All Zero Polls
Last Data Alarm Minutes
Last Data Warning 1 Minutes
Last Data Warning 2 Minutes
Group Information
Mapping Information
Line To Latitude
Line To Longitude
Mapping Decimal Latitude
Mapping Decimal Longitude
Mapping Graphical Symbol
Symbol Action Acknowledged
Symbol Action Alarm
Symbol Action Communication
Symbol Action Normal
Symbol Fill Color
Symbol Outline Color
Symbol Size Factor
Push Asset Output
Command Item
Demand Poll Command
Recent Information
Data Point Menu
Copy or Remove Data Point
Copy or Move Data Point
Data Point Copy Action
Data Point Copy Target Asset
Data Point Configuration
Calculated Option
Calculated Point
Data Logger
Data Logger Archive
Data Logger Deadband
Data Type
Digital False Value
Digital True Value
Modbus Register
OPC Custom Tag
Output Action
Roll Up Data Point
Scale Display Low / High
Scale Meter Low / High
Value Factor
Data Point Notes
Data Point Add Note
Data Point Note Status
Set Alarm thresholds
Alarm Background Color
Alarm Email List
Alarm Font Color
Back To Normal Events
Email Reminder
High Alarm Message
High Alarm Type
High High Alarm Message
High High Type
Low Alarm Message
Low Alarm Type
Low Low Alarm Message
Low Low Alarm Type
Point Critical Level
Remind Type
Stale Data Alarm/Third Alert
Stale Data Communications/Second Alert
Stale Data Informational/First Alert
Set Measurement Parameters
Inherit Data Point
Point Association
Point Data Units
Point Deviation Multiple
Point Disabled
Point Display Units
Point Enumeration
Point Format
Point Maximum Threshold/Reset
Point Minimum Threshold/Reset
Point Statistic Days
Strap Type
Strapping Table
Unit Suffix
Set Output Parameters
Automated Command Type
Change to High Action
Change to High High Action
Change to Low Action
Change to Low Low Action
Change to Normal Action
Custom Picklist
Output Command Name
Output Maximum Value
Output Minimun Value
Output Notifications
Set Point Naming
Background Color
Font Color
Grid Column Sort Value
Grid Name for Point
Import Tag for Point
Instant Image - Image
Instant Image - Min/Max
IoTSet Group
Point Association
Point Category
Point Description
Point Name
Show Data Point in Asset Summary
SiteAnalyst Mobile Show/Hide
SoftTag for Point
Show measures of variability
Average Value
High Alarm
High Average Value
High High Alarm
Last Alarm for Point
Last Change Date
Last Read Date
Low Alarm
Low Average Value
Low Low Alarm
Maximum Value
Minimum Value
Verify point values
View Events and Alarms
Data Point Acknowledged
Data Point Actions
Data Point Alarms
Data Point Modifications
Data Point Normal
Full Screen Menus
Change Screen View
Home Group
Launch Help Window
Launch SiteAnalyst Mobile
Log Out
Operator Alarms
Group Options
Group Data Point
Add Remove DataPoints from Summary
Aggregate Formatting
Aggregate Type
DataPoint Option - Categorize On
Override Asset Affect
Show All DataPoints
Show SubTotals
Show Totals
SubTotal Label
Total Label
Group Edit
Group Naming
Group Base Contract Day
Group Category
Group Export Value
Group Location
Group Name
Group Notes
Group Reference
Group Edition
IoTSet Group Labels
Group View Area
Add Remove Fixed Fields
Asset Label
Group By Fixed Field
Search Menu
System Options
Change Password
Custom Menu
Days to Display
Default to Visual
Font Size
Group By Type
Help Not to be Shown
2. SiteAnalyst
Action Strings
Application Menu
Asset Menu
Data Point Menu
Full Screen Menus
Group Options
Search Menu
System Options
View Area
View Menu
View Options
Asset Next
Asset Previous
Chart Days to Display
Chart Point Reference Value
Chart Zoom to selection
Critical Level
Data Point Calculation Formula
Days in Chart
Demand Poll Group
Device Data Format
Device Register
Enumeration / Digital Alarm
Enumeration or Digital Alarm
High Deviation Alarm
Low Deviation Alarm
Nominal Value Alarm Type
Nominal Value/Range Alarm
Output Command Action
Polling Frequency
Polling Type
Push Command to Output Queue
Remote Device Addressing
Remote Device Backup IP Address
Remote Device Backup TCP Port
Remote Device IP Address
Remote Device Manufacture
Remote Device Model
Remote Device Protocol
Remote Device TCP Port
Reset Settings
Scale Input
Scale Output
Specify Output Format
Switch Menu
Top Level Category
Top Level Group Name
Group Data Point
Group View Options
Initial Screen
List Menu
Dropdown Menu
Group and Asset Switch
Live List Menu
Filter Menu
Refresh Menu
Live Update Frequency
Menu Items Displayed
Remember Group
Show Help
Show Popups
Show Type
Starting Group
Time Interval
Time Zone
Web Theme
View Area
Asset View
Grid View
Column History View
Column View
Flex View
History View
History View
Trend View
Window History View
Window View
IoT Asset View
Group View
Refresh Table
View Menu
By Asset Menu
Demand Poll Asset
IoT Asset View
Alarm Email
Alarm Refresh
By Group Menu
Demand Poll Group
IoT Summary View
View Options
Demand Poll All Assets
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