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SiteAnalyst is fully scalable and can be run as a SaaS or located on systems within your companies' infrastructure. Once configured, control user access through building profiles and specifying assets and the capabilities of the user. Users can also be locked down to SiteAnalyst IoT providing them with simple top down approach to aid those not needing to see every detail of your environment. For those users on the run, SiteAnalyst IoT is tablet friendly, while SiteAnalyst Mobile gives the smart phone user quick access to the details they need. When a reaction is needed, controls can be sent from any of the three systems by users given access to do so.

SiteAnalyst gives the user the ability to manage orifice plate changes, choke controls, alarm management and desired security levels. At any desired polling interval, SiteAnalyst automatically interrogates your SCADA field devices and transmits data via the lowest cost communication platform available. Managing and monitoring data, whether from your local, regional or corporate office is possible anywhere in the world. Site Analyst stores raw field data in redundant, highly-secured databases, translates the raw data into desired information, and makes it available 24/7. If a problem occurs between the scheduled polling intervals, SiteAnalyst automatically sends out alarms to notify the person in-charge, thus, reducing the down-time and production loss.

Using protocol engines SiteAnalyst can talk directly to any device in the field, download arrays, cards, or archive files and provide your users with all the data needed. SiteAnalyst fully supports connectivity with PLC's, Wonderware, iFix, and any database or OPC related platform. SiteAnalyst also directly aggregates cloud information from data acquisition systems from IBM and Digi.

Your standalone applications that seem like they are on their own island can now directly benefit from SiteAnalyst export and service methods of pushing data directly to the applications import and data exchange interfaces. FlowCal, TOW, Excel, Quorum, Maximo, OGsys, and many others are all fully supported by SiteAnalyst data exchange.

SiteAnalyst does not run on its own island either, integrate your forecast, nomination, or any data you wish directly from your applications or cloud environments directly to SiteAnalyst. This provides a single source of data for reporting and trending for your entire organization.

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